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Mistake To Avoid While Travelling In During Covid-19

The travel industry has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic, and travelling internationally or otherwise is not the same as we used to. There are so many changes and new norms that we must adopt.  While we were all locked up in our respective homes in 2020, we all hoped that 2021 would be more generous to travellers. Although the vaccination drives are in full swing, and more than 774 million people worldwide have received their first doses, the uncertainty encircling international travelling is still prevalent. Therefore, mistakes and missteps are bound to happen; knowing what to expect can help ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. So, here is a few Mistakes to avoid while travelling in this pandemic. 


1. Not Familiarizing Yourself With New Rules And Requirements

As the COVID-19 pandemic is fluid, so are international, national, and local rules, regulations, and responses. Most or not all the destinations around the world borders are open up to accept only vaccinated tourists. Make sure you are familiar with each destination requirement before booking a flight. 


2. Choosing Your Destination Too Hastily

Now that things are taking their time to return to a little light of normalcy and most destinations now open their borders accepting vaccinated tourists, and with your travel bucket list of specific places you eagerly want to visit. But now is not the right time to make hasty choices! It’s essential to check with your government or state department website for the latest information on travel bans, coronavirus safety and security, and entry requirements before making any decisions for international travel. As a traveller, you have enough time to make conscious decisions that positively impact. For example, you can consider visiting countries hard hit by the pandemic, where tourism makes up 10% or more of the nation’s GDP, like Peru, Sri Lanka etc.


3. Adding Numerous Countries to Your Itinerary.

Country hopping is something we love to do as travellers especially travelling to Asia, Europe or Africa. However, with the pandemic still lingering around and still rising in certain countries, it is best to stick with one destination. Please spend more time in one place – as that would enable you to make a practical impact, connect with the locals profoundly and soak in their culture. Consider this as your chance to take the time to get to know a place and embrace the art of slow travel while considering volunteering for a meaningful cause. 


4. Not Checking Cancellation or Change Policies Before Booking Flights & Insurance.

You don’t want to join the losing crowd that are losing money on travel during Covid -19. There are stories where many travellers lost all or part of their payment despite seeking a refund. Travel insurance might not help for trips called off due to coronavirus.   Pick the right airline, visit their website and look for the COVID-19 resource page for more information.  And if you are planning a budget trip and booking budget flights, always inquire about seat-filling protocols, especially on budget airlines. It’s essential to check the insurance policies while purchasing them during the pandemic, as many programs do not cover claims arising from COVID-19.


5. Lack Of Adaptability

While this is a relatively broad “mistake,” it’s a critical one. Many of us are eager for the world to return to normal. Unfortunately, the best we can expect at this time is a “new normal”  that is constantly evolving. The more flexible and adaptable we commit to while travelling in these times is the less stressful your experience will be.


6. Not Filling Prescriptions In Advance

In everyday life, filling a prescription is not a big deal. In Coronavirus times, however, there are extra considerations. From limited staffing at doctor’s offices to reduced hours at pharmacies, it may be harder to fill a prescription while you’re travelling. Plus, why go into a store when you don’t have to? By making sure you’re travelling with enough medication for your whole trip, you avoid the hassle and headache of trying to do it on your trip.


7. Travelling Without Hand Sanitiser And Disinfectant


Despite the cleaning and sanitizing protocols from Airlines, Hotels, Retail Stores and other businesses in protecting customers, you still do your part in protecting yourself and others by travelling with your hand sanitizer and disinfectant to minimize germs in your environment. Packing your own ensures that you’ll have them if you need them, as these make not be available at your destination. 


8. Travelling Without Enough Mask

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is firm in recommending that people wear face coverings in public settings to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. While this is very uncomfortable, it is for your safety and the safety of others. You want to ensure that you have as many masks with you as possible for regular changing and to abide by the protocol of the destination.   Having as much on hand can also prevent you from the frantic scramble around trying to get one. 


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