Jamaica’s Hidden Charms


amaica is that one destination every traveler must experience and should be a part of their bucket list.  Jamaica is the heartbeat of the world, with a cultural giant that continues to have an indelible impact on the world’s food, music, sports, and literature while offering a larger-than-life bucket list experience with extraordinary attractions and talented people. 

There is so much more to experience in Jamaica than just all-inclusive resorts. Jamaica has some lovely hidden charms that not many visitors experience, and that is because they only visit the resort areas of Jamaica.  To experience the true authentic beauty of Jamaica, you have to venture outside of the resort areas for the real wonders of the island and create unforgettable memories.  Here are two of  Jamaica’s hidden charms that offer the authentic Jamaican vibe and impressive scenery.  


Somerset falls


omerset fall is one of those hidden gems in Jamaica that you cannot go to and not fall in love with its tropical paradise. It is located at Hope Bay, about 10 miles west of Port Antonio on Jamaica’s north coast.  The moment you set foot on the property, it will feel like you have just landed into heaven’s best-kept secret. 

The scenery is so breathtaking as the waterfalls are hidden in the tropical rainforest, where the Daniels River plunges down a narrow gorge through a lush garden of ferns, heliconias, lilies, and crotons into glistening teardrop pools. If you are a lover of waterfalls like me, you will definitely love it here. With waterfall after waterfall, that provides for a nice therapeutic back massage.  A perfect place for relaxing and swimming in picture-perfect deep rock pools.

Spectacular, nature at it finest! 

Touch of Paradise 

There is a cost for entry that depends on the days you choose to visit the attraction. On Monday to Friday, the price is 1000 JMD for ages 13 and older and 5- 12 years is 500 JMD, and on Saturday and Sunday, the cost is 1500 JMD for 13 years and older and JMD 750 for 5-12 years old.  A discount is available if you go as a group.   After payment, you will have a beautiful picturesque walk to the area where a small boat dock and the guide/lifeguard will provide a short but lovely boat ride that takes you down a river into a cave to the magnificent waterfalls where you can climb up through and jump off.  Somerset falls a perfect spot for just about anyone to have a lovely time. 

Just breathtaking 

Old Spanish Bridge


f you are looking for a place to get away from the bustle of the city and closer to nature, then look no further. The Old Spanish Bridge is one-stop fun, with a lot of excitement where water, relaxation, sun, greenery, and adventures can collectively enhance your satisfaction. 

The Old Spanish Bridge is complete with the captivating White River flowing beneath, is located roughly 45 minutes from Ocho Rios, which is the borderline between the parishes of St Ann and St Mary.  The scenery is magnificent and nothing short of breathtaking. You will fall in love with the heavenly sight of this spot. 

Isn’t this magnificent?

One of the most loved at the bridge is the rope-swinging activity. The ropes are tied to a big tree that towers over the river.  Challenge your inner Tarzan and launch from the middle of the bridge, and the yarn takes you a few metres across the water, where it is deep enough for you to jump off into the calm river.  If you are not up for the challenge like me, just enjoy a swim or relax with your feet dipped in the refreshing water while enjoying some good Jamaica music and vibe.  A perfect way to mix with locals and enjoy some authentic Jamaican food and culture. 

Wanderlust, challenge your inner Tarzan. 

Jamaica is packed with so many adventurous and hidden charms that have not yet been explored by many. As a visitor said, “ it is not fair; Jamaica doesn’t even have to try.”  Jamaica is nice and is considered to be the heartbeat of the world. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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