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Guide to St Elizabeth

St Elizabeth is the perfect place to take a break, go off the grid and be at peace while lavishing in the depths of a genuine appreciation for nature. White sandy beaches, rich savannahs, a spectacular safari, an unblemished scene of nature and a signature area of true love are a few breathtaking features that define the beautiful parish of St Elizabeth. Now, here is a few things to experiences and must-visit in St Elizabeth: 


 YS Falls

Enjoy a fresh rejuvenation at the glorious waterfalls, with lots of fun activities you will enjoy, from Zipline, river tubing, to swimming in the natural pool. You can immerse yourself in the refreshing water at one or all of the seven falls.  There is also plenty of picnic area that you can have a picnic with your family. 

Black River Safari

If you’re a nature and adventurers lover, you will find the Black river safari interesting, pleasing, and peaceful.  As you cruise down the Black river, nature will captivate you, from some two-legged egrets, whistling ducks, herons, red-footed coots and other gifts from Mother Nature.


Treasure Beach

Swimmers, Snorkel and Surfer lovers treasure beach; the gem along the south coast is one you would delight in.


Lover’s Leap

Gladstone Taylor / Photographer

Lover’s Leap, a historic attraction that gains its name from two lovers separated by slavery, leapt to their death over these cliffs.  Great ambience in a quiet place with a breathtaking view overlooks the Caribbean sea.  Excellent for love birds (couples). It consists of outdoor seating that is very picturesque and romantic. And also spacious inside dining and offer comfortable seating and great meals. 

 Appleton Estate Rum Experience

Taking the Appleton Estate rum tour, you will definitely have a deeper appreciation for rum and love for Jamaica excellence. Here’s your chance to treat your taste buds to a plethora of delectable drinks while learning a little history and weaving unforgettable memories.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Exceptional outdoor vibes, in the middle of the sea. Just take a short boat ride to Floyd’s Pelican bar to chill and relax. Enjoying a nice meal and drink a Red Stripe beer.  There are boats just down from the black river safari to take you to the rustic looking wooden hut, which shows that you are a part of something real and natural.

Jack Sprat

Jack Spart is a bit rustic and a lovely chilled spot to enjoy some of the best-tasting pizza and freshly caught seafood prepared with local herbs and seasonings. If you stay at Jakes hotel or visit Treasure Beach, you must eat here. You will not be disappointed as the meal is delicious. 


Accompong Village

A place that is rich in historical facts. Accompong is a rustic Maroon village and is located in the gorgeous Cockpit Mountains. Maroons are the descendants of escaped slaves who fought the British and won their independence in 1738, and Accompong is still an autonomous polity within Jamaica today. There is a small museum there that is a must-see for anyone interested in African heritage. 


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