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9 Adventurous and nature-friendly things to do in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The beautiful island of Jamaica, known for its warm tropical weather, breathtaking beaches, tasty food, music and unique culture, are some of the many reasons visitors love to experience this tiny island. With attractions such as Dunn’s River Falls and Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios may very well be considered Jamaica’s outdoor adventure hotspot. Here are 9 adventurous and nature-friendly things to do in  Ocho Rios, Jamaica  


1 Climbing Dunns River Falls 

Dunn’s river falls, discovered by the Spaniards, is one of Jamaica’s top attractions in Ocho Rios and the most visited.  You can take a guided climb to the top of the fall wearing water shoes to keep your footing and spend as long as you want to float, hike a trail alongside it or recline and relax on the beach at the bottom. 

2. Mystic Mountain Adventure

Mystic Mountain packs with great adrenaline rush adventure from Bobsled, sky explorer, raggamuffin, zipline, wall climbing, water slides and more. You can take a tropical forest adventure tour up to a 700-foot Mystic mountain peak via a chair lift and experience exhilarating excursions.  After which, you can cool off by the pool or grab a bite by the restaurant.  Don’t forget to stop by the Mystic Treasure gift shop and take a piece of history with you. 

3. River tubing through the Tropical RainForest

Picture yourself afloat on a river, spending an hour surrounded by lush tropical forest.  Whether you seek something more relaxing, mellow tubing adventure, the white river is the thing to consider. Or, if you are looking for a more exciting adventure, there is a halfway stop through the river with rope swings for you to jump off in the river and cool off.  Be sure to take cash with you to grab a few Red Stripe Beer. 

4. Swimming with the Dolphin

Visit Dolphin Cove, the fantastic nature park located on the north coast of Jamaica. If you are a nature lover, you will have an incredible encounter as you enter the world of these gentle Dolphins, getting the opportunity of kissing and hugging them. You will learn about the dolphin while having fun. You will never regret this adventure. 

5.  Turtle River Falls and Garden

So stunning and peaceful. You can walk through 14 acres of tropical gardens with spectacular falls. So lovely! And there is also a koi pond and friendly parrot that you can take a picture with—a nature lover’s paradise. 

6. Exploring Shaw Park Botanical Gardens

Shaw Park Garden is a lovely botanical garden located high on a hill above Ocho Rios. The setting is excellent, with a stunning view of the town and plants that will interest you. It truly is one of the most attractive, serenely calm and peaceful places to visit.

7. Konoko Falls and Park

This hidden paradise in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is a great place to relax with its natural, earthy, nature experience. Climb the waterfall, enjoy the animals and take a picture. It is also great for families with small kids. 

7.  White river rafting

Begin your thrills boarding a 2-person bamboo raft for a beautiful once in a lifetime ride down the white river. Relax and enjoy the ride while changing scenery; take in the breathtaking view as you glide down the river.  You will have the opportunity to stop for refreshments that you can bring on your raft and enjoy as you continue on your ride. There is also a shopping centre that you can visit after completing your ride and grab a piece of Jamaica to take with you. 

8. Yaaman Adventure Park

 The Yaaman adventure park is pack with fun-filled adventure and nature right in the middle of the rainforest. Here are some of the things you can do here: 

Jitney tour: this is where you get to ride on an open-air tractor around the 1000 acre property while learning about the plantation’s history. 

Camel ride: I am not aware of any other attraction on the island that provides camel ride. Here at adventure parks, you can get to experience it first hand.

Horseback riding:  this takes you throughout the 18-century property, where you get to experience a stunning view of the white river. 

Wet n Dirty ride:  you will experience an adrenaline-pumping ride through the countryside.  There is also a Segway ride and culinary tour. 

9. Green Grotto Cave tour 

The Green Grotto Cave is a journey into an underworld charm, a slice of Jamaica’s history.  You will this safe tour fully clothed with sneakers and protective headgear and learn about its rich history.  Green Grotto Caves is surrounded by thick vegetation and supplied with pristine waters flowing from its secret depths. Such privacy and solace you will find in the Green Grotto Caves.

Stopping over from a cruise ship? Spend the day and enjoy a little bit of Ocho Rios Jamaica. 


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