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8 Types of trips you may want to consider taking in your lifetime.

person pointing at black and gray film camera near macbook pro

1.      Weekend Getaway

Travelling does not require a week for you to enjoy yourself properly; you can fulfil your wanderlust by taking a weekend trip.  A weekend getaway relaxes, releases stress, unwinds you while escaping your hectic life, and recharge you for your Monday week task. It is a craft to be mastered.

Tips: Look out for cheaper flights and resorts deals; travel domestically; Pack light.

2.      Road Trip

Pack a bag, pick out your favourite tune, grab a few friends and family, buckle your seat belt, and head on the road for an exciting road trip. Whether renting a car or driving your own, head out and make this a thrilling adventure. You discover new places that you haven’t travelled to, stumble across beautiful routes, and meet interesting people.

3.      Adventure Travel

Life is for living, and what better way to live life than to be adventurous. If you are an adventure lover, then this type of trip is perfect for you. Adventure travel loaded with different kinds of fun activities such as going camping, mountaineering, trekking, Zip-lining, or doing water sports at any destination you wish to travel to.

4.      Romantic Travel

Couples, this one’s for you; planning a trip to an exotic location with your partner is such a fantastic way to spend quality time together, rekindling your romance while experiencing thrilling adventures together. Whether you are engaged, married for years or newlyweds, romantic travel strengthens relationships and brings couples closer together. Select a destination that interests you both and make memories that will last a lifetime.

5.      Family Vacation

A family vacation is one of the best ways to relax and connect with your family.  With the hassle of our everyday life, spending quality time with family becomes rare. With work, home chores and school, parents and children go through their daily routine without bonding. Plan a family vacation with no cellphone, iPod or tablet, build incredible memories, and strengthen the family bond.  

6.      Sole Travel

A solo trip is the most self-discovery experience and by far the best type of travel.  It is one that most people would not want to go on, but this is where you get to discover yourself and be life-changing and rewarding. When travelling solo, you get to plan your trip and adventure to your liking, eat whatever, go wherever or do whatever without thinking of anyone.

7.      Backpacking

It is one trip that you should think about doing at least once in your lifetime.  Backpacking like no other gives you freedom and commitment. So take your camera set sail through a country, be it long or short, with you and the world to explore and enjoy.  Capture great stories to share with friends and loved ones.

8. All-Girls/All-Boys Travel

Think about heading off with your girls or boys to a crazy adventure, a fantastic vacation spot and having ultimate fun.  It is a perfect way to catch up with your crew, unwind, create new memories, and strengthen friendship. 

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