Spring Break Vacation on a Budget

After months of enduring the cold weather and studying, spring is fast approaching. What are your plans for spring break?  Spring break is that time that allows you to relax, recharge, unwind and boost your mental health.

High inflation causes a lot of price increases, and as such, some of us are on a tight budget and looking for cheap spring break destinations. Here are a few budget destinations for spring break vacation that can provide the most exciting and unforgettable 2022 spring break trip.


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Mexico, which is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, the border of the Caribbean sea, spring break takes place at Riviera Maya, Mexico’s eastern point.  A spring break idea ends when you discover what Cancun offers.  If you’re someone who likes to catch a bit of history during your stay in Cancun, then consider visiting the Mayan sites nearby the hotel zone.  To the beach enthusiast, you can find lots of beach parties and a variety of water sports.  Nightlife breaker, there are many famous nightclubs located nearby. You can also hop on the famous Cancun Booze Cruise.

Photo by Tanja Cotoaga on Unsplash

Adventure breakers Cancun has something for you, from a horseback ride through caves to completing a zip-line canopy tour. To have fun in the sun, visit ‘Wet n Wild’, the only water park in the area.  If you need a heart-pumping adventure, then don’t miss the Jet-skimming over the beautiful Caribbean sea and experience a magical 360-degree maneuver.  

Nassau, Bahamas

Photo by Isaw Company on Unsplash

Spring break in Nassau is gradually becoming the ultimate idea of all spring break trips among Caribbean spring break options. It offers the best of both worlds. Spring break in the Bahamas offers non-actions and partying for those breakers who want fun and excitement.  It is calm and peaceful, with lots of unique places to relax after a difficult semester.  There are lots of picturesque white-sand beaches with clear turquoise waters, perfect for a beach vacation.


You simply can’t go wrong with Jamaica as a spring break choice. Jamaica is like the heartbeat of the Caribbean with a top-notch culture, cuisine, and vibrant people. With Jamaica, you will have a spring break filled with parties, relaxation, and a whole lot of vibes.  There are many activities from climbing waterfalls, ziplining, bobsledding, swimming with dolphins, beach parties or watersports. The options are endless, and it is less expensive. 


Curacao offers a spring break away from the crowded beaches.  After all, it is called spring break for a reason. It is time to relax and unwind, and Curacao caters to all that on a budget.  Stay at the Curacao Marriott Beach Resort, and enjoy a secluded and fun spring break away from the crowd. There are a lot of things to choose from, such as sun tanning between the cliff jump at the Playa Jeremi, one of the many relaxing beaches in Curacao.

Photo by Jorgen Hendriksen on Unsplash 

Go hiking at the Christoffel National Park, the island’s highest point with its colourful flora and fauna at every turn. You can also go scuba diving alongside Dolphins at the Dolphin Academy and learn more about the local wildlife.  You’ll fall in love with Curacao with its colourful buildings and blue ocean backdrop. 

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is one of the fastest-growing areas in the Caribbean, and it’s all about the beach, with tall swaying palm trees scattered along 21 miles of some of the whitest and finest coral sand beaches in the world.  There are lots of events and activities for entertainment, from sipping Pina Coladas on the beach to casinos and going to clubs.

Photo by John Prefer on Unsplash 

Punta Cana provides that perfect atmosphere for a resort-type spring breaker. A majority of the resort in Punta Cana is all-inclusive, which allows for a carefree vacation with plenty to explore on the island.   It is an undeniably breathtaking Caribbean island to enjoy, and budget-friendly too.

Fun Games for Beach Lovers


he beach is a great place to relax and soak up some good vitamin D produced by the sun.  It is also a great place to create fun and exciting memories while spending quality time with friends and family. So if you’re headed to the beach this weekend, try out some of these exciting beach games listed below. 

Water Relay Race (Beach Style)


o play the water relay, you’ll need four small buckets filled to the top with water and two teams. Next, put four buckets full of water at the starting line, then divide players into two teams. On “Go,” the first racer on each team picks up two buckets and runs the obstacle course, trying not to spill the water. Continue with each player on the two teams until everyone gets a turn. The team with the most water left in their buckets wins. You can spice it up by adding a winner prize to make it more exciting.

Beach Musical Towel


usical Towel is similar to musical chairs.  The only difference is instead of using chairs, we use beach towels, and instead of sitting on chairs, we lie down on the towel. It is a fun and exciting game that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike while getting your daily dose of vitamin D. Please don’t forget to apply sunscreen. 

Beach Tug of War


ug of war is a fun game. All you need are some rope or a long towel, mark the center of the towel basically with a piece of cloth, and the center of the sides with pulling limits. The team which successfully pulls off the center limit of the rope to their side has won the game. If the beach is not too crowded, then this is a really fun and exciting game to try.

Beach Limbo


hen was the last time you played some limbo?  Limbo is a popular game that originated as an event that took place at wakes (a social gathering associated with death, usually held before a funeral) in Trinidad. The aim is to pass forwards under a low bar without falling or touch the bar.

Beach Scavenger Hunt


veryone loves a good old beach treasure hunt, and the beach is the perfect location for true scavengers to really make some unusual finds. The sea and rock pools offer an endless array of strange but beautiful things, and the tides throw up a whole load of interesting stuff on the shores, ready for the pickings of keen beachcombers.  You can add your creative idea to it or add a theme, such as finding things beginning with a letter of the alphabet or finding the opposites like smooth and rough or hard or soft, etc.

Sand Hopscotch


opscotch is a popular hopping game that never gets old, and it’s fun to play on the beach by drawing a grid in the sand. It is better to draw your grid close to the water edge in the hardened sand. You can use rocks or shells for markers. 



pikeball is played between two teams and two players each. The only equipment you need to play the game is a ball, a miniature, high-tension trampoline roughly the size of a hula hoop. You can purchase an official Spikeball set or make your own if you want. The game starts when a player from one team serves the ball by spiking it onto the trampoline net, putting the ball into play. Each team is allowed to bounce the ball between them up to three times before the ball is required to hit the net again, transferring control to the opposing team.  Then you continue until one team either exceeds the three-hit limit or fails to hit the net, at which point the opposing team scores a point. It is a game that is highly enjoyed by teens and young adults.


n closing, playing fun games at the beach is a good way to relieve stress, which will make your body feel good naturally. After playing a game, your mood and brain functionality will boost. Beach games are a great way of exercising and improving your energy. And don’t forget your camera to capture these fun moments together as family and friends.