10 Amazing Beaches In Jamaica


Jamaica is a well-known Caribbean country that is vibrant, lively and rich in culture, history and tradition, but one of the island treasures is its incredible beaches.  

Jamaica has some of the most charming beaches in the world, featuring crystal clear azure water, silky soft white sand and a magnificent Caribbean sea view.  So you can simply decide which coastline is ideal for you and your friends, family, or significant other. I listed down some of the fantastic beaches in Jamaica.


1. Seven Mile Beach

The Seven Mile Beach in Negril is a place that will take your breath away. The sand is so soft, the water is crystal clear, and the view of the Caribbean sea is spectacular. It is so relaxing and a great healing place to be!

You can also opt to go on an adventure out in the sea by doing multiple activities. Like, snorkelling, Hobie cat sailing, jet-skiing, cruising the water aboard glass-bottom boats, riding catamarans, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, parasailing, and numerous other fun options. There is a lot to enjoy at Seven  Mile Beach. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this beach is near many all-inclusive resorts such as Sandal Negril. Therefore, you can book your accommodation next to this famous beach and enjoy a night walk on the beach.


2.  Treasure Beach

Photo credit: Paul W. Henry/Shutterstock.com

Treasure Beach, located in St. Elizabeth on Jamaica’s south coast, is a true gem that lives up to its name. With its idyllic scenery, six miles of golden sand, and authentic Jamaican vibes is one of the best-kept secrets on the island. So, bond with your travel buddies as you spend time together doing fun activities, like snorkelling, bodysurfing, kayaking, boating, and so much more. 

Accommodation is located nearby, such as the Jakes Treasure beach hotel. I would recommend it is located right on the beach, with Jack Sprat in the same spot where you can grab a bit to eat and enjoy Jamaica Authenticity.  

Ps. Try the pizza a Jack Sprat, one of the best-tasting pizzas ever. 


3. Doctor’s  Cave Beach

Photo credit: CO Leong/Shutterstock.com

Doctor’s Cave Beach is clean, safe and perfect for relaxation, with its golden sandy shores and calm crystal clear turquoise water that make swimming easy.  It is a sight to see very beautiful and filled with fun possibilities for all ages. 

You can enjoy activities such as parasailing, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, boating, sailing, exploring the beauty of the sea on glass-bottom boats, and tons more. You can also create your own fun time with kids along the well-kept shore by burying them in the sand or having a fun beach volleyball game and making fun memories together. 

Beach restaurant is available with American and local food options. So, you don’t need to worry about taking a meal.  

Tip: I recommend the S Hotel for accommodation; it has direct access to Doctor’s Cave Beach.  And If you are travelling with kids or someone who isn’t a strong swimmer, you can rent rubber floats at Doctor’s Cove Beach.

4. Frenchman’s Cove

Photo credit: Travelling Thilo/Shutterstock.com

Frenchman’s Cove is by far the most charming and captivating private beach in Jamaica, with a perfect combination of sea and river. It is located on the northeast coast of the island in Port Antonio, Portland.

Frenchman’s Cove is lovely with pristine water, powdery white sand and great waves for surfing. At this paradise-like coastline, you can do activities like scuba diving and bodyboarding on your next vacation with your travel buddies. A Restaurant is available on-site with an option to choose of your preference. 

Tip: I recommend GeeJam Hotel as a nearby accommodation. 

5. Bloody Bay Beach

Bloody Bay Beach is one of Jamaica’s favourite white sandy beaches. Neighbouring tons of world-class resorts and hotels, making it a top spot for tourists. 

Bloody Bay got its name because it was used by 19th-century whalers who butchered their catch there.  Tody is a natural beauty with clear waters, white sands, and colourful coral reefs with little to no seaweed, making it a famous beachgoer and divers paradise. 

Enjoy an unforgettable beach adventure with family, friends, or your partner to Bloody Bay Beach with its pristine coastline of many fun activities such as Jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, or cruising the waters by Kayaking, and so much more. 

Tip: I recommend staying at a Royal Negril where you can have the pleasure of looking out on the picturesque bay in the morning. 

6. Boston Bay Beach

Photo credit: Brandon Noel/Shutterstock.com

Boston bay beach is a hidden gem in Jamaica known for its clear blue waters, surfer-friendly waves and soft powder-white sands.  The water here at Boston Beach is a bit rough, making it a great spot among surfers and for such reason, it is not the best choice for young children. 

Many have no idea that such a good surf spot in Jamaica is because only a few visitors travel to the northeast side of Jamaica.  And the northeast has so many fun attractions and is one of the best parts of Jamaica. 

Take a trip to Port Antonio with your surf buddies and enjoy riding the waves together. And after swimming and surfing, relax and enjoy some tasty Jamaica jerk, whether pork, chicken or fish. 

Check here to see what you can do in Port Antonio, Jamaica. 


7. Half Moon

Half Moon Beach is a beautiful private beach with white sand and water just as lovely as Seven Miles Beach.  If you want to recharge from all the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, head to Half Moon Beach and enjoy the sun and solitude.  With just about 15 mins drive outside of Negril, you can spend the day floating in the crystal clear water, reading a book in the shaded hammocks, snorkel above the undisturbed coral reefs or enjoy the sound of nature as you lie on the sand with the ocean lapping at your feet. 

You can opt for one of the bamboo raft tours or rent a kayak and go exploring on your own. End your visit with a fresh traditional Jamaican meal from the restaurant on the property. 

Tip:  You can rent a cabin or camping on the property. 


8.  Puerto Seco Beach

Puerto Seco Beach is immaculate and is among the top coastline in Jamaica. It features a breathtaking view of landscape sparkling azure water and a soft well maintain shoreline.

Puerto Seco Beach is pack with a wide variety of recreational activities for all ages, such as scuba diving, paddle boarding, riding glass-bottom boats, snorkelling and its floating water park. 

Travelling with kids for a beach day in Jamaica, Puerto Seco is a safe, kid-friendly choice with its floating water park that features slides, trampolines, and a rock-climbing wall.  Kids can have fun while you sun take a sunbathe on the silky sand or take a dip in the crystalline sea.

9. Winnifred Beach

Located on the northeast of the island is Winifred Beach feature plenty of local flavours. With its clear water, soft sand and gorgeous coral reef that easy access. You can enjoy snorkelling and some freshly catch Jamaican seafood meals. 

Tip: I recommend you try the grilled snapper.


10.  Burwood Beach

Burwood is a family-friendly beach of sugary white sand crystalline turquoise water.  It is a fantastic spot for kids. Therefore, if planning a beach day with kids, Burwood is a great choice. 

It has attentive lifeguards and a small playground to keep kids entertained. The water is calm and crystal clear and perfect for even the little ones to splash.  You can enjoy fun beach games together or make sculptures and castles out of the sand. 

Tip: The gazebos there are limited, and if you need to get one to use, you will have to reach from early in the morning.


Jamaica is a country that you can’t get enough of one visit can not suffice. There is so much to see, do and enjoy on this beautiful island. 

I hope this article help you on your vacation to Jamaica to one of the best beaches to make memories with friends and families.  

Leave a comment if you have a fantastic time on your visit to Jamaica.  🙂 

20 Thrilling Attractions In Jamaica For Rejuvenation

Jamaica is the heart of the Caribbean, a tiny island with a whole vibe and life. When planning to travel to Jamaica, just come with the expectation that you will have a good time because Jamaican knows how to have a good time.  No matter what type of vacation you’re dreaming of, there is an attraction here in Jamaica that will help to bring it to life and leave you with unforgettable memories for years to come. Golfing, beaching, hiking, dancing, cave diving can all be a part of your vacation. Here are a few of the best attractions in Jamaica that will leave you feeling the pulse of the island paradise. 



1. The Blue Hole

 photo credit: Natascha Kaukorat/Shutterstock.com

The blue hole is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. It is located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, high up in the mountain, with rope swings, refreshing water pools, nature trails and beautiful waterfalls.  There is quite a walk to the falls, but there is a lot to see along the way.  This spot is not touristy but great for someone who wants to do something out of the norm.  Swimming at the Blue Hole is the number one thing you should consider adding to your trip as you will enjoy the leap.  As many describe it as a “little piece of heaven”. 


2.  Mayfield Falls

photo credit: Michael Kucsmas/Shutterstock.com 

The best things are hidden in the Mountains. Nestled in the Negril mountain range, you will find the Mayfield Falls home for nature lovers to enjoy the peace and rejuvenation of the falls and the mineral springs offer.  It consists of two waterfalls, 21 freshwater pools and lots of Flora and Fauna for that tranquil vibe. There are several gazebos that you could stop and rest while touring the property. Hey, those gazebos are an incredible backdrop for beautiful photos. 


3.  Reach Falls

Photo credit: Mr Innis/Shutterstock.com

Reach Falls is a luxurious eco attraction hidden in the Montane Forrest on the John Crow Mountain Range.  It is one of the most beautiful attractions in Portland, Jamaica.  When you think of freshwater pools, cascading waterfalls and a prolific forest. You can plan a picnic or head out on a guided tour. 

The best highlight is the hike upstream towards the rabbit holes. The rabbit holes are not for the faint at heart. It takes a bit of courage but is definitely worth it, and a guide is there to help along the way. 


4. Dunn’s River Falls

Located in the tourist hub of Ocho Rios, you will find Dunns River Falls a very highly promoted attraction and one that is visited and loved by all travellers who vacation to the island. It has multiple falls which cascade over the limestone ledges and pour into the ocean. The more adventurous at heart would love to hike the falls with a guide or alone wearing water shoes as you proceed with caution. 

5. Konoko Falls

photo credit: Dosan Jones/ Shutterstock.com

Konoko Falls is one of the island’s hidden gems nestled in the hills of St. Ann, overlooking the resort area of Ocho Rios.  Here, you will find a waterfall, a botanical garden and a zoo.  A tour to Konoko Falls and park is a great way to learn about the Taino Indians who were early inhabitants of the island of Jamaica.  Visitors can explore the park on their own or apt with a guided tour.  The area is also used frequently for weddings, family reunions, photoshoots, and gala events. 

6. The Blue  and Johcrow Mountain National Park 

photo credit: Yardie Inc/Shutterstock.com

It is Jamaica only National park and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Here you will find fresh air, lush terrain, and vibrant wildlife. There are great views in and around this location and a host of many things to do, including mountain climbing, swimming beneath the waterfalls, a blue mountain bicycle tour, and exploring the coffee plantations while enjoying some of the best coffee in the world.  Make a day and enjoy a tremendous Jamaican adventure. 

7. Croydon Plantation

photo credit: CO Leong/Shutterstock.com

Spend part of your day exploring Croydon Plantation in the Catadupa Mountains of St. James by taking an informative tour with a guide and experience a combination of nature, education, escape and eating. Here, you will learn a lot about the history of Jamaica and Jamaica way of life, the plantation, and our national hero Samuel Sharpe.  If you are a lover of coffee and pineapple-like me, you will enjoy a visit to the plantation where coffee and pineapple both grow. You will also enjoy some of Jamaica’s delicious Jerk Chicken lunch when the tour is finished.

8. Ys Falls

Want to beat the Caribbean heat? Plan a waterfall day while in Jamaica to Ys Falls, the best spot for that cooling down. There are seven lovely falls, gardens and surroundings for a picnic and the opportunity to zip-line over the waterfalls. There are also natural pools, which is excellent for children or just about anyone who wants to relax. 




9. Mystic Mountain

The Mystic Mountain adventure gives you a fantastic view of Ocho Rios, with the peak of the mountain rises over 700 feet. Here you will enjoy the various excursions for all ages, from Sky explorer chairlift, raggamuffin, ziplining, and the park signature adventure the rainforest bobsledding.  This environmental-friendly attraction, located in the heart of Ocho Rios, only 5 minutes away from the cruise ship pier or Dunn’s River Falls. Explore the forest’s rich ecosystem, sparkling river streams or simply enjoy the spectacular views. You won’t disappoint. 


10. JamWest Motor Sport and Adventure Park

Photo credit: JamWest Adventure

JamWest is the only drag and circuit track in the Caribbean that offers an “arrive and drive” experience as an attraction—located just 28 minutes outside of Negril, Jamaica. At JamWest, you can experience a variety of activities to add thrills to your vacation! From the ATV tour through Jamaica wilderness, Racing Zip allows two-person to race each other at the same time, with zip lines running parallel.  If that’s not enough, you can take a challenge at that rock climbing adventure, take a dip in the mineral bath cool water or plunge in the pool from the water slide.  Still, need more? Saddle up and enjoy thrilling horseback riding into the warm Caribbean sea, or go for a milder adventure by visiting the petting zoo. Whether milder or wild, JamWest got you covered.



11.  Bob Marley Museum

If you are a fan of the Late Bob Marley or reggae music, you will be filled with euphoria once you visit the museum.  You will enjoy this reggae-inspired tour that provides an in-depth look into the life of Bob Marley, and you can choose between the ‘Combo “One Love” tour, the ‘Bob Marley Home’ tour, and the ‘Making of the Music’ tour.


12 Rose Hall Great House

You can tour the Rose Hall Great House that some called the “ House of Horrors”. Legend believes that Rose Hall is haunted by Annee Palmer, the famed “White. Witch”. The house was dated back to the colonial era and was restored in the 1960s. On this tour, you will learn about the life of the British elite in the Caribbean past. 


13.  The Accompong Town Maroons

A visit to the cultural heritage Accompong village where an independent group of Maroons live in the hills of the Cockpit Country of St Elizabeth’s border is rich in historical facts. 

The Maroons are descendants of escaped slaves who fought the British and Spanish and received autonomy for the governance of the lands with their Colonel Cudjoe in 1739. This will be an educational visit if you are interested in African heritage. 

14. Lovers Leap

Gladstone Taylor / Photographer

Lover’s leap is a historic attraction that gains its name from two lovers who refuse to be separated by a jealous plantation owner, who leap to their death over these clifts. Legend has it that the lover raced to the edge of the cliff with a drop of about 1700 feet.  It is beautiful for love birds, with a breathtaking view overlooking the Caribbean sea.




15. Tryall Club Golf Course

Tryall Club is great for all ages and levels of golfing ability, with an 18-hole par-71 championship green that will help you perfect your game against a stunning Caribbean backdrop.  Whether you’re a complete beginner, a serious amateur or an experienced player, there’s plenty for you to enjoy at Tryall Golf Club. 

The Tryall Club golf course has hosted a significant number of golf championships. For that and other reasons, with positive reviews spreading via word of mouth, the course has rocketed in popularity for all who choose to vacation in Montego Bay.


16. Rick’s Café

Photo credit: Debbie Ann Powell/Shutterstock.com

You’ll have a blast visiting Rick’s Café, whether with friends or with your significant other. You will enjoy sunsets, reggae music and cliff jumping. It is an experience you will not forget as there is a possibility for you to view the live performance from the main stage after you finish diving. 

17.  Appleton Estate

Appleton is a famous rum in Jamaica. A tour of Appleton Estate is worth it if you are a fan of rum and nothing beats Jamaican rum. You will delight in rum tasting,  learn about the history of the finest Caribbean rum and the process of making the rum from the 18th century until now. Grab a bottle or two to take back home with you.

18. Luminous Lagoon

Located off the bay of Falmouth Trelawny, you will find the Luminous Lagoon, one that must add to your list of things to do in Jamaica.  The glistering water is a kind rare find not only in the Caribbean but in the world. The luminescent glow of the body of weather is caused by microorganisms called dinoflagellates. 

There are only four places in the world that you can enjoy this magical sensation: Indonesia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and of course, Jamaica that caries the brightest glow of water.  The Luminous Lagoon is best enjoyed at night to get that lovely glowing shades of bright blue all around you.

 19. Heart-shaped Overwater Bungalows

The first of its kind, Sandal’s heart-shaped overwater bungalows in Jamaica are a sight to behold and even more amazing to spend the night in! You can find the heart-shaped suites at Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals South Coast. With glass floors and 24-hour butler service, this accommodation is truly one of a kind.

20. Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Floyd Pelican Bar is literally a bar in the middle of the ocean that can be accessible from Treasure Beach by boat. If you plan a tour of St Elizabeth or stay at Jakes Treasure Beach, add Pelican Bar to your do-to list. You’ll have an unforgettable time sipping on cold drinks, get a taste of the local fare, and dipping your feet into the warm surrounding waters. 


Jamaica is a paradise for anyone seeking an all-encompassing Caribbean vacation that leaves nothing untouched or unexplored. You can choose from a plethora of Jamaica’s points of interest and things to do, or take it easy and do nothing but relax at one of the all-inclusive resorts Jamaica offers. Whatever you decide, the rich memories of your vacation will last a lifetime!